Picture the scene: you are sitting comfortably on the sofa with your guests and receive a message on your smartphone when the meat is ready to be served. Or, you are working in the garden and can quickly check on your tablet how long the washing programme has left to run. The app offers genuine added value and supports you with a whole host of functions.

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Never miss a thing with push notifications
No matter where you are – whether it’s at home, in the garden or on the move – the appliances can send notifications to your smartphone or tablet on request. You will receive a start message if you have programmed a delayed start, for instance, and you will be notified once your dish is ready. What’s extra practical is that you will also receive notification messages during operation if, for example, the water needs to be topped up in the steam cooker or when it is time to place your dish in the steam cooker after preheating.

Everything at a glance
Your networked appliances will also provide you with an overview of the following information any time you need it:

  • the current status
  • the current temperature in the cooking space
  • the current temperature of the food when soft roasting (in conjunction with the food probe)
  • the current time remaining until the meal is ready to serve or the laundry is washed

A unique cooking experience
The app now provides a wide range of recipes for you to treat your guests to some real culinary delights. But do you know what the best thing about it is? You can transfer the recipe steps directly to your appliance, which then takes over the cooking process automatically at the touch of a button. 

Your own personal sous-chef
What’s the quickest way to cook rice? How do I keep the crunch when preparing vegetables? These are the types of questions that the assistant can now answer for you. It then finds the perfect setting and helps you with your cooking. And why not try out the convenient scanner while you’re at it? Simply hold your smartphone camera over an ingredient and discover tips on the best ways to prepare it.

Shopping made easy with Bring!
You can view your shopping list containing the ingredients required for your selected recipe in the Bring! app on your smart phone at the click of a button. This makes sure nothing is forgotten and allows you to share your shopping list with others. It’s simple, practical and user friendly.

Easy to configure the user settings
Instead of managing the user settings – such as the language, contrast or brightness of the screen – directly from the appliance, these can be configured easily and conveniently in an overview on the tablet.

Time synchronisation
A power failure is always possible. But with V-ZUG Home, you don’t need to worry: As soon as power is available again, the appliance resets the time automatically.
A further advantage is that the time can be synchronised on several appliances that are installed above or next to one another. Thanks to V-ZUG Home, all appliances always display exactly the same time.
V-ZUG Home also sets summer and winter time automatically and specifically to the country.


Not on the network yet? No problem!
Even appliances that have not yet been networked can be added to the app to allow you to take advantage of the tips on settings. All you need is the SN for your appliance. You can find this number on the rating plate for your appliance.

Once you have manually registered your appliances, you can take advantage of additional information with regard to your appliance settings and start using the assistant. What’s more, you’ll also find that the relevant operating instructions are stored digitally within your app.