Fast, direct operation with adjusting knob
The new series of high-quality design V-ZUG appliances can be operated easily and precisely with an adjusting knob. The practical, new full-colour graphic display shows all the settings at a glance. All the important, directly selectable basic operating modes and sensor buttons are located to the right of the adjusting knob.


Full-colour graphic display (with/without touch control)
The higher convenience levels all feature the new TFT graphic display complete with coloured background images. The SLQ line supports direct touch control on the display, taking you where you want to go quickly and easily with ""Enter and go"" functionality.

Graphic display
The LCD uses text and symbols to keep you constantly informed, in the language that you prefer.


Digital display
The right timing can be set perfectly and easily using the digital display for the time switch. You can even programme your appliance to start cooking your meal before you're even home.

The sensor buttons
The new appliance design meets the highest expectations. All the important, directly selectable settings are located to the right of the central control unit. The press of a button takes you to the various worlds of the individual operating modes, GourmetGuide and EasyCook, or quite simply to a specific function, like the automatic ejector for the water tank on the combi-steamers.

A new minimalist aesthetic
Elegant, subtle and timeless – all of these words perfectly encompass the new design of the Advanced Line. The streamlined, minimalist design language creates a modern aesthetic. The subtle interplay between glossy and matt surfaces enhances the harmonious look. 

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