Energy-efficient refrigeration

The new 2021 energy labels

The energy required to run a refrigerator or freezer makes up a significant portion of a household's energy consumption. That is why we work particularly hard to develop and produce energy-saving models, and thus help to reduce the impact on the environment. By continuously improving the energy efficiency of our appliances over recent years, we have pushed the existing energy labels to their limits. For this reason, our cooling and freezing appliances were given a new label in 2021.

The new energy labels make it easier to identify energy-efficient appliances and see differences in the energy efficiency of various appliances. Under the new categorisation, cooling and freezing appliances must be in the new energy efficiency class E to be permitted for sale in Switzerland. An exception is made for single-door appliances with internal freezer compartments, which only need to reach energy efficiency class F in order to be authorised for sale. In addition, all types of wine coolers in energy efficiency class G can be sold.

Environmentally friendly cooling with the CombiCooler
Our existing single-door refrigerators, which were previously in the A+++ energy efficiency class, are now mostly in class E. Appliances in the A++ class are now in class F. In the case of two-door refrigerators, the A+++ class has generally been replaced by class E. Under the new rating system, some of our CombiCoolers are even in energy efficiency class C. This makes them our most energy-efficient refrigerators. Their long operating life also helps to save operating costs and resources.