General information

Capturing cooking vapours: unbeatable efficiency

A combination of edge extraction, large storage capacity and specially developed, optimised vapour extractor system means that 99.77% of cooking vapours are captured, which represents a unique level on the market. And this is with an air delivery rate of just 280m3/h adjusted to match the comfort ventilation system. The cooking vapours are captured in the storage area and picked up by the edge extractor. Any uncaptured vapours are slowed down by the sloped side panels and decelerated in an air vortex. This makes it possible for the edge extractor to capture and expel these remaining vapours.


Two-stage technique assures extremely high level of grease absorption

The narrowing flow channel of the edge extraction causes the extraction speed of the cooking vapours to increase. The high speed and the strong redirection of the cooking vapours force the heavy components (grease) to be catapulted out of the air flow and deposited on the grease combi-filters. The cooking vapours still containing grease then flow through the two standard grease filters located behind the grease combi-filters. The remaining grease is deposited on these two highly effective, metal grease filters. This technology is already used successfully in professional circles.