Gentle steam cooking

The steaming operating mode

More and more health-conscious people are turning to gentle cooking methods. In today's modern lifestyle, it is not enough to be sporty and fit; culinary enjoyments also should not be compromised. V-ZUG's steam cookers meet these demands in many ways. Healthy food is made especially tasty in a very simple way, as if personally created by a master chef. There is no chance of anything boiling over or burning either, so you don’t have to keep a constant eye on your food as it steams. Gentle steaming in the V-ZUG steam cookers means that valuable vitamins and minerals are not lost and flavours are retained. This is therefore the ideal operating mode for preparing vegetables gently whilst maintaining their freshness. As well benefiting your health, it will also grant your wish to enjoy your food.

Vacuisine – top-quality cooking at less than 100 degrees

A unique experience combining taste, quality, freshness and appearance. Time-consuming cooking techniques used by the world's best chefs are made simple for home-cooking with the Combi-Steam. Top chefs support you with their ability and experience, as well as their tips and tricks.

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