Wide range of functions

Moisture and heat stay in the dryer 
In addition to the versatile and practical programmes, there are two more arguments for the Adora heat pump dryer: the closed process cycle and easy cleaning. Highly efficient heat exchangers extract heat and moisture from washing so that they are not released outside but remain in the closed drying system. This prevents your mirrors from becoming tarnished and keeps the air in the bathroom or laundry room constantly pleasant. The closed cycle is also a key advantage if you want to position your dryer in the smallest rooms or if you are using it in a building developed to the latest standards (such as for Minergie buildings). 
Quick and easy to clean 
Cleaning and maintaining your Adora heat pump dryer is also delightfully simple: both the door screen and filter mats can be cleaned easily and conveniently. And you don’t have worry about heat exchanger for the entirety its service life – it’s completely maintenance-free.
Unique – the-ultra fast Sprint programme of the Adora V6000
Thanks to V-ZUG’s state-of-the-art technology, this programme dries quickly to save you lots of time. Whether you’re drying 7 kg or just 2.5 kg, the additional Sprint function dries your washing in record time.

Fabric types – the right treatment for a range of fabrics

This button enables you to directly select a range of different programmes – for silks, baby garments, denim, bedding, towelling or a number of other fabric types. Take the baby garments programme for instance; it keeps your baby's clothes superbly soft to protect against skin irritation, while achieving perfect hygienic results. By using lower temperatures, the special down programme applies exceptionally gentle treatment to the fabric and dries your downs so that they are fluffy and soft, right down to the very last feather. 

Wools – the programme for soft wools
Wool items are dried carefully and handled properly by spinning the drum slowly and applying low temperatures. The wool programme is located under the «Fabric types» button
Crease guard – makes ironing even easier
The crease guard programme is particularly well-suited to blouses, shirts, t-shirts and cotton trousers. Applying gentle heat over a programme duration of 20 minutes, you can finish drying your clothes on the hanger.
Basket programme – gentle drying without any movement
With the practical drying basket, you can dry shoes, gloves, cuddly toys or fabrics in the drum without moving it for even gentler care. All you have to do is place the fabrics in the dryer. The drying basket can be ordered as an accessory for all Adora tumble dryers. The basket programme can be selected using the «Fabric types» option

Room air laundry drying

You can start the room air laundry dryer mode on your DualDry appliance at the touch of a button. Simply select the programme on the display and open the flaps on the appliance as shown. The principle is as simple as it is brilliant: the dryer draws air in from the room via the bottom flap, removes the water from this air and then discharges dry air back into the room via the upper flap.

Automatic control

In the Moisture control programme, the DualDry measures the humidity of the room over a period of a week. If the resulting level exceeds the target moisture level you have set, the appliance automatically commences room air laundry dryer operation. This means that you can hang up new laundry over the week without having to configure any settings. As soon as the appliance has reached the target value, the room air laundry dryer function is stopped and the appliance starts measuring humidity once more.