Occupational Safety

Safety in the workplace
Our employees bear a great deal of responsibility. At the site in Zug, Switzerland, for example, they are in charge of operating huge, highly specialised machines. They may also be in charge of fitting electrical appliances at our customers' homes every day. Safety in the workplace is therefore an important part of human resources management at V-ZUG. This is not just about providing a modern infrastructure and preventing accidents, but also the health and motivation of employees in general.

Safe and sound outside the workplace
Even outside of the workplace, V-ZUG is committed to ensuring the health and safety of our staff with measures such as private accident cover, the popular bike and skiing helmet initia-tives, and subsidised ski binding tests. The aim of these measures is to maintain the well-being and job satisfaction of our staff, thereby continuing to reduce the number of hours lost each year.

See our sustainability report for details on occupational safety.