Sustainability as a strategic field of innovation
Half of all households in Switzerland own at least one V-ZUG appliance. We are proud to be the Swiss market leader, but this also means that we have a social responsibility. V-ZUG considers sustainable products to be a strategic field of innovation and is committed to achieving lower energy consumption – before, during and even after use.

Efficiency over the entire product lifecycle

A household appliance has an ecological impact over its entire lifecycle: the production stage requires electricity, the appliances themselves need energy and water during use, and at the end of its lifecycle, the appliance has to be disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Around 98% of CO2 emissions are caused during the usage phase of the appliances – only around 2% are caused during the production and disposal phases. However, technological innovations are not enough to reduce the energy consumption of the appliances – we inform users during consultations and raise awareness of how to use appliances efficiently.

You can find out more about V-ZUG's innovation process in the sustainability report.

For example

EcoManagement: even more economical on request 
V-ZUG's EcoManagement function enables you to display how much energy and water your washing machine uses, as well as the projected consumption before you start a wash: with the Eco button, which can be selected with each programme, the programme will run for slightly longer but consumes less energy. With the Adora SLQ WP washing machine, you can even choose from a number of EcoHybrid settings depending on how much time you have. The highest EcoHybrid setting helps you to achieve record energy efficiency: you save up to 55 % more energy than a conventional washing machine. 

EcoManagement: even more economical drying on request 
V-ZUG's EcoManagement solution allows you to keep a close eye on your dryer's energy consumption: a consumption display shows you the projected energy requirements before the start of the programme and then shows the actual consumption levels once the programme has finished. On request, you can also display the appliance's total energy consumption or the average consumption over the last 25 programmes. For full transparency during drying.