Resource efficiency

Investments in the Zug production site
We are making ongoing and forward-thinking investments in the site in Zug, Switzerland, with the aim of improving production processes and minimising their environmental impact. Our certified environmental management system goes far beyond mere compliance with laws and regulations, and aims to set new standards in the industry.

Integrating suppliers and educational partners
At V-ZUG we also expect our suppliers to handle natural resources in a responsible way. By means of audit questionnaires, our partners are systematically questioned on their commitment to the environment. These results are then factored into how we rate them as a supplier. What's more, V-ZUG is a proud leading partner of the Swiss building standard «Minergie», and culti-vates relationships with public education and research institutes, such as the Zug Institute for Science, Energy and Raw Materials (WERZ) and the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.

Embedded in the company
All employees are also encouraged to act in an ecologically sustainable way in their everyday duties. On joining V-ZUG, each employee signs our ethics guidelines and pledges, wherever possible, to contribute towards the efficient use of natural resources.

See our sustainability report for details on the V-ZUG environmental management system.