V-ZUG is integrating the Bring! app into the recipe service

With over 400 recipes, V-ZUG Ltd offers a web platform for real culinary enthusiasts. Customers can now use the Bring! app to compile their shopping list electronically and share it with others – for the ultimate user experience.

Digitisation has found its way into the organisation of our day-to-day lives. Marco Cerqui, CEO at Bring!, has recognised this too: «We are concentrating on the digital optimisation of grocery shopping so that we have more time left for the special things in life.»

V-ZUG shares this outlook: «We want to inspire our customers with delicious recipes and make it easier for people to prepare them», says Philipp Hofmann, Head of Digital Business Innovations at V-ZUG.

Simplicity in everyday life and more time for your lifestyle – as both companies share the same outlook, a collaboration was the natural next step according to Marco Cerqui: «With its integration of Bring!, V-ZUG Ltd has shown how open it is to new digital services and has become a pioneer in the household appliance industry. We are excited about forming a partnership that pursues the same goals and optimises the user experience with truly innovative ideas.» Bring!