A culinary duet with Cecilia Bartoli and Andreas Caminada


Lifestyle by ZUG presents: a culinary duet with Cecilia Bartoli and Andreas Caminada

The "Lifestyle by ZUG" portal for lovers of good food is making a gourmet journey to Italy. The star guest is Cecilia Bartoli: the world-famous mezzo-soprano recently visited Andreas Caminada. Visit www.vzug.ch/lifestyle to discover how cookery and music touch our senses. 

When two passions meet 
It is one of the most wonderful things in life to encounter people who have made a career out of their passion. And when one of the best opera singers of our day meets one of the very top chefs, the result is a feast for the senses. The party was held in Schauenstein castle, where Cecilia Bartoli and Andreas Caminada stood side-by-side at the cooker in the host's private kitchen. 

The idea came to maturity during a conversation with Gault-Millau supremo Urs Heller. We told him about our desire to add attractive stories like celebrity cook-ins to the "Lifestyle by ZUG" portal. The ideal person for this would be someone who really loves to cook and enjoy good food alongside their professional passion. The name Cecilia Bartoli cropped up more than once, and when Urs Heller mentioned the singer as well, it soon became clear whom we wanted to invite to kick off the new series.

One personality with many talents
Meeting Cecilia Bartoli is an unforgettable experience. She is warm-hearted, radiates endless cheerfulness and likes to laugh a lot. Besides her big love of music, she has another passion that she likes to indulge whenever her limited free time permits: cooking! Preferably together with mama Bartoli. Only freshly prepared meals make it to the table, cooked to old Italian family recipes. "I can relax completely when I'm cooking, and act out a different creative side of me," enthuses Cecilia Bartoli. She loves to create a wonderful atmosphere for her private circle, serving up something truly tasty for family and friends. 

It's not just on the stage that Cecilia Bartoli succeeds in moving her audience, casting her spell over them. She also wins people over quickly in the role of the chef. Andreas Caminada was bowled over by her enthusiasm and impressed by what mama and Cecilia Bartoli had prepared for him.

Cookery and music have plenty in common
In classical music there is an order, a main theme, an overture, harmonies and solos, and psychological factors like recognition and recollection have an impact on the listener.

Many of these factors are found at the peak of the culinary arts, too. Top chef Andreas Caminada for one knows how to concentrate on a theme and play it through in numerous variations. This appreciation of diversity when cooking has become his passion. He understands better than anyone else the combinations and dramatic effects that are needed to enchant his guests. 

In music, the result often sounds fluid and melodious, even though the structure is complex. The outcome of gourmet cookery is exactly the same: people experience a dish as a harmonious delight, because the different ingredients on the plate come together to create a pleasant taste in the mouth. To achieve this, the chef must not only have creative ideas but also master the art of composition.

Discover and enjoy the overture à la Bartoli and the symphony à la Caminada, prepared in the cooking Combi-Steam XSL from V-ZUG: you'll find both the film and the trailer on www.vzug.ch/lifestyle

Be inspired and cook the recipes for yourself. Give your senses the chance to enjoy everything that your imagination can concoct.

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