Innovative refrigerators from V-ZUG


Innovative refrigerators from V-ZUG

The refrigerators from V-ZUG provide ideal storage conditions for different types of food, helping them stay fresh for much longer. All models impress with outstanding energy values, high user convenience and smart innovations. V-ZUG is the only manufacturer to develop and produce refrigerators in Switzerland.

Multi-zone appliances for optimum storage
People who take great care selecting fresh foods when out shopping can keep them fresh up to three times longer with the right storage. The amount of time they can be kept depends on various factors. Essentially, it is important to pay particularly close attention the following: the original freshness of the product; the type of packaging; the storage temperature; and the appropriate storage humidity.

Alongside the classical refrigerator and freezer compartments, multi-zone refrigerators feature an additional cold storage compartment and/or bottom box. The temperature in the cold storage compartment is 0°C. In this environment with the ideal humidity, the chilled item retains its healthy nutrients and vitamins. With its mild temperature of 8 to 12°C, the bottom box is the perfect place to store foods like potatoes or exotic fruit that are sensitive to the cold. In addition, drinks are chilled to a pleasant drinking temperature. The beverage drawer that runs on rails is particularly practical, providing space for six bottles.

Best light distribution thanks to LED, and gentle, safe door closing
LED spotlights integrated at the side serve to distribute light through the refrigerator to best effect, even when it is completely full. The new SoftClose door-closing mechanism makes for even more convenience. The movement is slowed when the door is closed, enabling it to fall back in place gently and quietly.

Innovative, upscale design
The elegant new, purist design in brushed stainless steel turns the Prestige P eco refrigerator into a central feature in the kitchen.

Top energy efficiency saves money
Refrigerators from V-ZUG boast extremely low energy consumption figures thanks to pioneering insulation concepts and state-of-the-art electronics. They are in the best energy efficiency classes, make sparing use of resources and also cut operating costs. The new refrigerators in energy efficiency class A+++ consume up to 60% less energy than those with the A label. These low operating costs mean that plenty of money can be saved over an estimated useful life of 15 years. Subsidies from local energy suppliers for particularly efficient refrigerators and freezers create yet another incentive.

Swiss made
V-ZUG is the only vendor to manufacture refrigerators in Switzerland, very close to its customers. Start-of-the-art refrigerators have been developed and produced over floorspace of 22,000sqm in the Arbon plant for more than 60 years.