A world first: OptiTime achieves the same results with extra savings

From day one, Adora washing machines have epitomised excellent functionality, quality and sustainability. Over the generations, the V-ZUG developers and engineers have been able to perfect the appliances and adapt them to modern needs by employing their instinct for trends. The latest innovation is OptiTime – an intelligent start-delay function which helps make  your washing even more economical. You select your usual programme and set the desired end time with OptiTime. A normal start-delay function will delay the start of the programme so that the laundry is finished at the desired time. OptiTime, on the other hand, starts the programme earlier and automatically uses the available time to save as much energy and water as possible – with the same washing results as the normal programme. This intelligent function also forms part of V-ZUG's  EcoManagement system – a whole range of functions which help you to use the appliances more ecologically and take a  responsible approach to your housework.