digitalSTROM and V-ZUG showcase a shared vision of a smart kitchen

From an invisible butler called James and automatically preset cooking appliances to digitalSTROM's Smart Home system, there are all kinds of ways in which the kitchen in a smart home can make users' everyday lives simpler and bring them genuine added value. At the Swissbau trade fair in Basel, digitalSTROM and V-ZUG – the innovative Swiss household appliance manufacturer – are joining forces to show what the kitchen and cooking practices of the future might look like.

It's a scenario you no doubt know well: you're not sure how to prepare a certain dish, so you search for a cooking video on YouTube and press play. What might come as a surprise to learn, however, is that this same cooking video can actually help you out by presetting your appliances to what the recipe specifies.

As demonstrated by a joint application developed by multi-award-winning smart home provider digitalSTROM and Swiss household appliance manufacturer V-ZUG, this is no longer a far-off vision of the future.

digitalSTROM CEO Martin Vesper explains: «In a home, the kitchen is the room where a particularly large amount of work goes on. For that reason, it's also the place where networking the various appliances it houses makes the most sense. At Swissbau, we're joining forces with V-ZUG to show how dragging and dropping a YouTube video to the invisible digitalSTROM butler, James, ensures that the V-ZUG Combi-Steam MSLQ is preset to what the recipe requires. That leaves more time for the chef to concentrate on what really matters – getting the recipe right.»