Using the Adora is just good fun


We focus on ease of operation and panel design

The operating panel plays a key role when using your Adora washing machine. It's no wonder V-ZUG pays closest attention to the design, materials and operating concept for its panels. With its latest generation of Adora appliances, V-ZUG has given the design a slight makeover to bring the panel in line with Adora tumble dryers – making your appliances even easier to use. The panels vary depending on the convenience level: from a modern, full-colour touch display to a tried-and-tested digital display with resistive push buttons.

Adora SLQ WP/SLQ and Adora TSLQ WP – full-colour touch display
The full-colour touch display for the Adora SLQ WP/SLQ and Adora TSLQ WP has everything you could wish for. The one-of-a-kind quality of the display guarantees easy reading and ultimate comfort during operation. Symbols and text are supported by additional full-colour explanatory images. A brief touch of a button is all it takes to pick your programme – the touch display is exceptionally sensitive and precise. Because the buttons do not extrude out, the operating panel is also very easy to clean.

Adora SLQ WP/SLQ & Adora TSLQ WP: TFT display, convenient touch controls

Adora SL & Adora TS WP: Panel with two-line plain text display and resistive push buttons

Adora S: Panel with two-line plain text display and push buttons

Adora L & Adora TL WP: Panel with digital display and push buttons