EcoManagement statistics
Use the EcoManagement statistics to check the energy and water consumption levels of your washing machine and tumble dryer. A display shows you the projected energy requirements before the programme starts, followed by the actual consumption levels once the programme has finished. On request, you can also display the appliance’s total consumption or the average consumption over the last 25 programmes.

The latest generation of Adora washing machines are the first appliances in the world to be equipped with the intelligent OptiTime delayed start function. This function sets the preferred programme duration. Unlike a normal delayed start, the programme uses the entire time available to ensure your wash is more environmentally friendly. The same result is achieved, right on schedule for the time you have requested.

Eco programme
Energy-saving programme thanks to temperature reduction: In order to achieve even greater resource efficiency, select Eco for every washing and drying programme. This option may take slightly longer, however consumes less energy and delivers the same results.

The Adora V6000 with heat pump technology is the most economical washing machine from V-ZUG - going easy on the environment and your wallet. Compared to standard models, this washing machine consumes approx. 55% less energy.