MinairComfo range hoods

Are you planning the ventilation of your home built to modern construction standards?

Congratulations on your decision. You'll be able to take a more relaxed view of rising energy prices now. All the established Minergie concepts - Minergie, Minergie passive or low-energy house - have one thing in common when it comes to construction: the building shell is airtight and very well insulated. This prevents expensively heated air from escaping. State-of-the-art ventilation systems secure exhaust air and fresh air, despite the airtight building shell. The patented ventilation technology in our V-ZUG Minair appliances provides outstanding support for these systems, as it ensures that kitchen smells are expelled efficiently and quietly.

Capturing cooking vapours: unbeatable efficiency

A combination of edge extraction, large storage capacity and specially developed, optimised vapour extractor system means that 99.77% of cooking vapours are captured, which represents a unique level on the market. And this is with an air delivery rate of just 280m3/h adjusted to match the comfort ventilation system. The cooking vapours are captured in the storage area and picked up by the edge extractor. Any uncaptured vapours are slowed down by the sloped side panels and decelerated in an air vortex. This makes it possible for the edge extractor to capture and expel these remaining vapours.

Two-stage technique assures extremely high level of grease absorption

The narrowing flow channel of the edge extraction causes the extraction speed of the cooking vapours to increase. The high speed and the strong redirection of the cooking vapours force the heavy components (grease) to be catapulted out of the air flow and deposited on the grease combi-filters. The cooking vapours still containing grease then flow through the two standard grease filters located behind the grease combi-filters. The remaining grease is deposited on these two highly effective, metal grease filters. This technology is already used successfully in professional circles.

V-ZUG – a leading partner in the Minergie

Range hoods vary greatly when it comes to energy efficiency. V-ZUG is committed to offering ventilation solutions with superior performance which at the same time contribute to energy-efficient living. V-ZUG is therefore the only company in the industry to be a proud leading partner in the Minergie group.

Advantages of the V-ZUG MinairComfo designer wall/island hood

One system – many advantages
Shaft spaces are no longer needed to ventilate the kitchen, which provides for greater planning freedom and more rentable floorspace. The cross-appliance solution yields a technological advantage, which in turn has a positive impact on the property's long-term value.

Outstanding solution
Extracted air and forced convection appliances are frequently employed in energy-efficient houses. Extractor hoods remove expensively heated room air, causing low pressure to build up quickly. Forced convection hoods are only able to remove some smells and no moisture at all. When connected to the Zehnder comfort ventilation system, V-ZUG MinairComfo solves all three problems!

A clean system
Connecting a range hood to a comfort ventilation system calls for special measures in terms of grease absorption. This helps to explain why employs up to eight grease filters on the MinairComfo (instead of up to four). It hardly needs adding that these eight grease filters can be cleaned in one go in a dishwasher.

Tested by accredited testing institutes:

  • Energy efficiency
  • Fire protection
  • Grease absorption
  • Noise transmission
  • Cooking vapour capture

Unbelievably quiet – only 48dB(A) at the top power level
Pretty smart: the motor is located in the comfort ventilation appliance and the maximum power level is 280m3/h. Which explains why the V-ZUG MinairComfo hoods are so unbelievably quiet. By way of comparison, a pan of boiling water generates noise of 52dB(A).

Never change an activated charcoal filter again
As with a forced convection hood, the air balance is always right. The V-ZUG MinairComfo hoods have additional advantages. It doesn't need an active charcoal filter, and 100% of the moisture is removed – unlike with forced convection hoods.

Comfort ventilation appliance pre-heats fresh air
Extracted air needs fresh air; this is pre-heated by the intelligent ventilation system and introduced into the home and does not cool it again during the winter. You save on heating costs.

Much less warm air lost
Forced convection hoods are often acclaimed as the solution in Minergie house. They are more energy-efficient than exhaust air hoods because the air is fed back into the kitchen after being cleaned. That said, the windows must be opened wide for a short time after cooking in order to expel smells and moisture from the kitchen. During the winter, this brings cold air into the kitchen, which needs to be heated at great expense. V-ZUG MinairComfo knows nothing of these problems.