Combi-Steam MSLQ

With the new Combi-Steam MSLQ, V-ZUG has become the first vendor to combine three types of heating – conventional, steam and microwave – in a single appliance.

The unique combination of all heating types
Never before has gourmet cooking been this fast: with the three practical functions in one appliance, it is now even easier for you to gently prepare finest menus and precooked recipes.

Operating mode/functionBenefits
1 Steam
Gentle, pressure-free cooking of vegetables with steam
A very gentle way of cooking various types of food, on several levels. For the preparation of all types of vegetable, swelling of rice and cereals, or das steaming of bacon, spare ribs or sausages.
2 Conventional heat
Top/bottom heat, hot air, grill, etc.
The conventional operating mode used to bake cakes or bread and for desiccating.
3 Microwave
Reheating or warming of liquids
Classical reheating of dishes or warming of liquids in a container, quickly and easily. Inverter technology also makes slow, gentle defrosting possible.
4 Steam/microwave combination Such as PowerSteamingThe food is cooked not only with steam but also by microwave, causing the cooking time to reduce by around a third.
5 Steam/conventional combination Such as Hot air with steaming

The ideal setting for puff pastry and yeast pastries. The food rises nicely, gaining a crusty, glazed surface. Also great for low-fat cooking of frozen products like oven chips or spring rolls.


6 Conventional/microwave combination Such as Bottom/Top heat and PowerPlusAny operating mode can be combined with microwave, thus reducing the cooking time by around 30 to 75% compared with conventional cooking
7 World exclusive:
Combination of all heating types

Such as PowerRegeneration or Hot air and steaming with PowerPlus
This exclusive combination opens up new dimensions for cooking. You gain a lot of time, as baking and steaming in all variations goes around 30% faster. This is the case, for instance, with PowerRegeneration or Hot air and steaming with PowerPlus.


V-ZUG has been using gentle preparation with steam for many years. Now the Combi-Steam MSLQ featuring the innovative PowerSteaming operating mode makes it possible to prepare vegetables around 30% faster, for instance, just as gently as ever.

Heating with steam and hot air is the ideal combination for reheating precooked dishes like fresh. With the new PowerRegeneration operating mode, this is now just as gentle as ever, just even faster.

PowerPlus enables any operating mode to be combined with microwave to form a Power operating mode. All you have to do is selected a suitable PowerPlus level, and the fast, gentle, controlled cooking fun can start. Depending on the setting used, the cooking time under PowerPlus can be reduced by around 30 to 75% compared with conventional cooking.

Cooking time
Cooking time
Time gained
Fast cake40 mins10 mins75 %
Turbo lasagne40 mins25 mins37 %


Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences confirms:
"The Combi-Steam MSLQ enables fast, gentle cooking with PowerSteaming and rapid reheating with PowerRegeneration. This results in the cooking time for selected vegetables with PowerSteaming to reduce by around 25 to 30% compared with cooking with steam. This makes it possible to retain around 30% more minerals and vitamin C than with conventional cooking."