Active Aquastop

The inlet hose with Aquastop prevents water from escaping from the tap into the washing machine should the appliance experience a fault during operation. 

Anti-leak protection

The anti-leak protection is included as standard in all Adora and Unimatic washing machines. This system uses sensors that automatically detect water that has escaped the drum in the collecting tank. Should this happen, the washing machine protects itself by switching on the active Aquastop function and preventing more water from entering the appliance. At the same time, the drain pump starts up, which quickly removes the water. The appliance display notifies the user of these measures.

In this way, V-ZUG prevents water from reaching areas it shouldn’t.

Foam monitoring

Washing machines from V-ZUG recognise when too much foam is created in the drum as a result of using too much washing powder. Another rinsing cycle is then automatically added to the programme selected. This improves the results, however will extend the programme duration.

Hygienic standards

Frequent washing at low temperatures is one way to reduce energy consumption. Because at washing temperatures of 20°C or less, a considerable amount of energy can be saved. One aspect often overlooked, however, is appliance hygiene. Over time, unwanted germs and unpleasant smells can develop in a washing machine.
To ensure this does not happen, the hygiene recommendation has been developed for the new Adora washing machines. The control panel display notifies the user if a programme with a temperature of at least 60°C has not been chosen for some time. You can then either select a programme with a temperature of at least 60°C or the Appliance Hygiene programme (steam cleaning, V6000 and V4000 models). This will guarantee not only that your clothes are perfectly clean, but that your washing machine remains hygienically clean throughout its entire service life.

Childproof lock

Every washing machine from V-ZUG has an integrated childproof lock function. This prevents little ones from opening the washing machine during operation or activating any of the buttons.