8.10 a.m.


Enjoy a cup of coffee.
Munch on some freshly baked bread.
Think about the day ahead.
A great way to start the day!

A relaxing start to the day
Combi-steamer & Coffee-Center

1. Healthy, relaxed cooking
Combi-steamers preserve important nutrients while also saving time and energy. Delicious meals are virtually guaranteed.

2. A delicious cup of coffee
When the aroma of coffee fills the kitchen, the milk is perfectly frothed and your morning brew tastes like one from an Italian barista, there’s got to be a pro at work behind the scenes – the fully automatic Coffee-Center.


Modern combi-steamers for healthy, flavourful food

Our combi-steamer is a master of hot air, steaming, convection grilling and soft roasting modes. Its particular talents in the morning lend itself to baking bread using the professional baking mode or making home-made yoghurt with steam at precisely 40 °C.

Many modes to guarantee perfect results
The professional baking function combines hot air and steam – perfect for baking your own light and fluffy crusty bread. Regeneration mode gently warms up prepared food so everything tastes freshly made.

Steaming with precise temperature control
Any temperature can be set. Nothing can burn or boil over. As flavours do not cross over when steaming,  it’s possible to cook different foods at the same time. For tasty meals with bite and colour.

Smart programmes
With EasyCook you can select a programme at the touch of a button and forget about everything else.  Up to 15 different food categories  are stored for BakeOmatic. Bread, cakes, meat, vegetables, fish and  more virtually cook themselves.


Rise and shine with the Coffee-Center

Simply press one button and carry on daydreaming a little while sipping your favourite brew.

From bean to cup
The fully automatic machine prepares speciality coffees from scratch: regular, ristretto, espresso, espresso macchiato, doppio, cappuccino, flat white, latte, latte macchiato and long coffee. The right amount, just the way you like it – preferred temperature, intensity of flavour and frothiness of the milk. The double-walled thermal milk container even keeps the milk fresher for longer and can  also be stored in the refrigerator.

Automatic cleaning
The cleaning and descaling programme keeps the Coffee-Center clean, including the milk-frothing pipe. 

Stored favourites

You can save your own individual settings. Then just press once for your favourite coffee brew.


“Steaming produces healthier, more flavourful results”

Steaming, baking and more, all in  one appliance. Our five professional chefs also swear by these multitalented kitchen aids.

Chefs Raffaela Neussinger, Reto Stefania, Roman Wüthrich, Roberto Kopp and their team leader Chris Lacroix are the Swiss Gourmet Academy. Their mission: to develop new recipes, run special projects and events, and enable people the world over to appreciate the culinary possibilities of the V-ZUG brand. 

All for one and one for all
Do they have a favourite appliance? That’s a difficult question to answer. But they are all impressed by the versatile Combi-Steam XSL. “Steaming with precise temperature control, professional baking and Vacuisine – these programmes get my chef’s heart racing,” ventures Raffaela Neussinger. The gentlemen agree. Professional baking combines hot air with steaming. As a result, dough does not dry out and pastries will taste as delicious as they would from the bakery. Vacuisine, or sous-vide, is the slow cooking of food at low temperatures in vacuum-sealed bags. This seals in the juices and flavours so the end results are particularly tender and tasty. 

For healthy, tasty and creative cooking
“The hot air with steaming mode is simply ingenious,” adds Reto Stefania. “Steaming produces healthier, quicker and more flavourful results.” Given the enthusiasm of these five pros, it’s easy to see that they will win people all over the world to V-ZUG appliances. Mission accomplished.

The Gourmet Academy

Roman Wüthrich, Roberto Kopp, Raffaela Neussinger, Christopher Lacroix and Reto Stefania:  the five chefs from V-ZUG’s Gourmet Academy know the recipe for successfully turning out  crusty rolls, tender juicy meat and tasty al dente vegetables every time: the Combi-Steam XSL.