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Fresh inspirations: Vacuum drawer & refrigerators

1. Easy storage
Food can be vacuum-sealed in bags  or glass jars in the vacuum drawer.  For storage, marinating or Vacuisine (sous-vide cooking).

2. Optimal cooling
Thanks to special zones and humidity controls, our refrigerators and freezers keep every salad leaf crisp and every tub of ice cream frozen. After all,  even amateur chefs need to keep their ingredients nice and fresh.

Vacuum and other drawers for added convenience

One key ingredient for appetizing food is freshness. Vacuum-sealing  is the secret to keeping food fresh  for longer and preparing meals  with creativity. 

Vacuum drawer: for really tasty flavours
Vitamins, flavours, nutrients and colours are preserved in a vacuum-sealed bag, bottle or jar. You can taste the difference, for example when using the Vacuisine (sous-vide) cooking method: meat stays juicy, vegetables are al dente and fish fillets are tender. You can marinate something in the vacuum drawer in just a few minutes. Jam, baby food, soups and sauces can also be resealed.

Warming drawer: keeping warm, defrosting, melting
Warming drawers keep plates and cups warm. They can also be used to make yoghurt, defrost frozen food, finish off meat, melt chocolate or prove dough.

System drawer: more storage space
Hidden behind the unit fronts, the system drawer is the ideal place to keep baking trays and oven accessories.


Refrigerators and freezers keep everything wonderfully cool

They are there for us day in, day out – reliable and energy-saving. Our refrigerators and freezers are packed full of the latest innovative Swiss technology.

ClimateControl for greater freshness
Wave goodbye to ice crystals forming on the back wall. In select CombiCooler models, the ClimateControl function employs active air circulation and moisture removal to maintain as even a temperature as possible. This keeps food even fresher. 

Convenient features
Easy to use even when full: high-quality LED lighting ensures a clear view, while SoftClose will gently close even heavily loaded doors.
Energy efficiency
Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, our appliances are among the most energy- efficient on the market.
Cellar compartment and FreshControl zone
Produce that is sensitive to cold such as potatoes or exotic fruits will be particularly happy at a mild temperature in the cellar compartment. There is a 0 degree compartment in the drawers in the FreshControl zone (chill compartment). It is also possible to adjust the humidity: low for meat and fish, and high for vegetables and fruit will help keep food fresh for longer.  

The customer decides: choice of freezing or chilling

They save lots of energy, never  freeze up and are highly flexible.  CombiCoolers, made in our own  factory, boast numerous benefits.

V-ZUG is the only Swiss manufacturer that makes refrigerators in Switzerland. At our plant in Arbon, Managing Director Andreas Albrecht and Head of Development Adrian Bachmann are passionately devoted to developing durable cooling appliances.
Freedom to switch between freezing and chilling.
Such as with the CombiCooler V4000. “Depending on their needs, customers can decide how they want to use the CombiCooler – as a fridge/freezer or as a larger refrigerator,” explains Adrian Bachmann. The separate freezer compartment can be transformed into a refrigeration section – and back again – in just a few hours. Ideal for anyone who wants to chill a lot of drinks before a party, for example. The ClimateControl function is also very practical. It prevents ice crystals forming on the back wall of the refrigerator compartment. And thanks to NoFrost, you’ll never need to defrost the freezer compartment manually ever again.
Unrivalled energy efficiency
As a refrigerator has to run reliably day and night, it should be as energy-efficient as possible. Thanks to its unique PureCool technology, the CombiCooler V4000 surpasses the best energy efficiency class A+++ by as much as 10 %. And the two gentlemen are already thinking ahead, for example to digitalization: “How cool would it be if my fridge could analyse what food is in it and suggest a recipe?” smiles Albrecht.

Andreas Albrecht & Adrian Bachmann

A refrigeration appliance is essential for quality of life, on that they both agree,  though one is thinking about lots of space to store food for his family of six, while  the other favours a freezer compartment for his home-made ice cream.