11.30 a.m.


A good helping of appetite, a pinch of creativity.
Chopping, prepping – mmmm, delicious vegetables!
Hey kids, can you set the table please …

A simply lovely lunchtime
Extractor & induction hob

1. Perfectly integrated
Retractable downdraft extractors permit greater freedom of movement and an unobstructed view, as do hob and  ceiling hoods. Wall and island hoods  can also be perfectly integrated elements of the overall kitchen design.   

2. Lunch is ready
Induction hobs are quicker, cleaner and safer. That will please parents of young children with inquisitive hands.  

3. Completely stress-free
With GuidedCooking, both wannabe chefs and talented multitaskers benefit from the guided cooking process on the communications-enabled hob. OptiLink automatically adjusts the extraction rate depending on the hob setting.


Range hoods and extractors
Delivering fresh clean air

Some are concealed while others are statement design elements. But all make sure that no cooking vapours sour the atmosphere.

Easy filter cleaning
Whether activated charcoal or grease filters, there’s no longer any need for messy filter cleaning. The dishwasher-safe filters are simply removed, washed and reinserted in next to no time. Most activated charcoal filters can also be dried in a warm oven.

New integrated range hood AiroClearCabinet V4000
The AiroClearCabinet is just as discreet as a ceiling extractor, but is integrated in a wall unit or in a wall and shelf element. Why not make use of the shelf as additional storage space too?

OptiLink: the hood and the hob communicate directly
Sometimes you need more than  two hands in the kitchen. Not with the OptiLink function – extractors and hobs fitted with this option automatically communicate with each other. From the time cooking begins until shortly after the hob  has been turned off.

Extra-quiet so they won’t drown out  your conversation
The SilentPlus noise insulation system on  select extractors also enables full power at minimal volume.

Aesthetic plus functional
Appliances such as downdraft extractors and hob hoods free up headroom and are built into the kitchen worktop. Island hoods are stylish eye-catching features, while built-in range hoods make  optimum use of space – there’s a solution for everyone.


Heat up quickly, cool down quickly.
Hobs with induction technology

From 0 to 100 in two minutes for a litre of water. Induction hobs are the turbocharged versions of glass ceramic hobs. They save both time and energy.

Durable OptiGlass
Thanks to the extra-hard coating, hobs with OptiGlass are highly robust and will look like new for a long time to come. 

DualDesign – flush-fitting or surface-mounted
Hobs can be flush-fitted, integrated in the worktop or surface-mounted with a robust glass edge. 

Easy cooking with GuidedCooking
The pan and hob exchange information via Bluetooth and help you prepare meals. Simply select a recipe in the app, follow the instructions and the dish is sure to be a success.

Fusion – hob and extractor in one
Directly integrated in this hob is an extractor that draws steam down and away. The OptiLink function enables the hob and the extractor to communicate automatically. 

Toptronic and CookTop –  new levels of convenience on conventional hobs

Toptronic hobs are controlled simply by swiping a finger over the touch-slider on the glass ceramic plate. We have also refreshed the look of our CookTop range (formerly Quicklight) in combination with a built-in cooker.
FullFlex for maximum freedom
The entire cooking surface adjusts to the pans, not the other way round. Inductors automatically detect the position and size of the cookware used. This means you can intuitively place and move up to six pans around wherever you like.