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Chat, laugh. Is everyone full?
It feels good when someone  else does the washing up.
Then cooking every day is  much more enjoyable.


Time for a quiet afternoon rest: Adora dishwashers

Fast-track washing up
A dishwasher is more environmentally friendly than washing up by hand. And heat pump technology is even more economical: it saves up to 50 % more energy than conventional dishwashers.


Adora: Exclusive features

For all types of dishes and easier everyday use. The Adora dishwasher has the fastest short and standard programmes and boasts a shining performance with OptiStart and SteamFinish.

Record-breaking Party programme
Lightly soiled dishes are cleaned in a phenomenally fast 11 minutes. Up to  five cycles in a row are possible – a good party may need more glasses quickly!

Fondue/Raclette programme
No more fondue pots, raclette pans or gratin dishes with burnt on residues. With its exclusive soaking phase and lower temperature, this programme gets everything perfectly clean. 

Communication via the app
Cycle finished? Party programme ready for the next load? Adora dishwashers can communicate with a smartphone or tablet via the V-ZUG app.

Smart from OptiStart through to SteamFinish

OptiStart soaks the dishes before starting the wash  cycle. The machine is then more energy-efficient due to the lower temperatures needed. The patented SteamFinish function ensures sparkling dishes without water stains.


Adora: Maximizing convenience

With OptiLift we have made it much  easier to load and unload dishes.

Intelligent loading
When you need more space for larger items, the rows of prongs in the MultiFlex zone in the lower basket can be folded down. 

ErgoPlus cutlery drawer
In the drawer developed by V-ZUG, cutlery lies without touching so it can be cleaned without leaving scratch marks.

One look, one touch
The new panel design featuring a touchscreen display makes the Adora even easier to use. See programme information at a glance on the display. 

OptiLift – lower basket raised to hip height
OptiLift delivers maximum ergonomics: when pulled out, the lower basket is raised to the optimum height. This is much easier and kinder on the back when loading and unloading dishes, and also makes it easy to access the salt container and filter. 

A high degree of flexibility
The baskets on all levels are highly flexible. There are many ways to create space to accommodate a large number of items in the upper and lower basket and in the cutlery drawer.


“To achieve top quality, I unleash my inner perfectionist”

Ergonomic design and ease of use are essential elements of Adora dishwashers. And the team leader herself is willing to get stuck in to ensure best results.

Up to 350 Adora dishwashers are produced on her production line every day, requiring the full attention of every single employee in the team. So Mara Koleva regularly takes a turn working on the assembly line herself – by no means typical for a team leader. “If I’m on the line and notice that an action is not ergonomic, I immediately set about optimizing that work step,” says the 45-year old. 

Flexible and intelligent loading that’s easy on the back
The Adora line is synonymous with ease of use: the OptiLift function raises the lower basket which makes stacking and emptying the dishwasher much more ergonomic. Soft closing mechanisms and smooth rollers protect the loaded dishes. The upper basket and the ergoPlus cutlery drawer can be easily lifted out or clicked into place. The LCD display with touchscreen controls offers intuitive programme selection. In addition, the inner workings feature sophisticated sensors, resource-saving technologies and efficient programmes, making Adoras world-class dishwashers.

Non-stop quality
“To achieve top quality, I’ll happily unleash my inner perfectionist,” smiles Mara Koleva. She is proud that her team is also so quality-conscious: “The materials we use and their precision machining is what sets us apart as a Swiss manufacturer.”


Mara Koleva

As the mother of two sons and a full-time career woman, this team leader knows just how important it is to have a reliable dishwasher. It does the work for  you and frees up time – maybe even to read a good book now and again.