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Welcome, dear friends.
Let’s drink to friendship!
Clinking of glasses, stories, laughter.
We can forget about the meat now until
it’s ready to come out of the combi-steamer.

Clear the cooking arena for passionate hosts: Combi-steamer, wine cooler & Teppan Yaki

1. Combi-Steam XSL

It doesn’t need much, just add water: this true pro among kitchen appliances is master of Vacuisine, steaming, soft roasting and much more besides – with no need for constant supervision. 

2. Wine cooler
Clearly a good drop of wine. Thanks to the different variants for the reflective glass front, this unit can be harmoniously integrated in the kitchen. Up high or down low, whatever you prefer.

3. Teppan Yaki
Uncomplicated healthy dishes – food is grilled quickly on the steel induction plate with very little fat. 

Copied from masterchefs - Versatile cooking methods

Time for your guests: while your joint etc. is soft roasting in the combi-steamer, or your friends are marvelling at your skill with the Teppan Yaki grill plate.

Vacuisine. Gentle at precisely the right temperature.
Dishes are slow cooked in vacuum-sealed bags at a constant controlled low temperature. The juices and flavours are sealed in. Meat and fish are particularly tender. Colours and nutrients are also preserved.

Cooking with an app
It’s lovely to be able to spend time chatting to your guests – and at  the same time check what’s going  on in your oven with the V-ZUG app on your smartphone. 

Stir-frying like a pro
Asian cooks make curries and stir-fry noodles etc. at a high heat. An induction wok on the hob is ideal for this. The wok reaches its optimum hot temperature very quickly. Tossing food in the wok ensures that the outside is browned while the inside remains juicy and tender.

Grilling with a difference
The Teppan Yaki grill plate also uses induction heat – it’s ideal for the low-fat grilling of meat and fish, or for cooking vegetables.


Just like a wine cellar Wine cooler

Different temperature zones for white wines and red wines. The ideal position and perfect climate for every bottle.

Perfect storage
Temperature, humidity and light are all  perfectly coordinated. The bottles lie undisturbed on vibration-free extendable wooden shelves. And the glass door  protects the wine from damaging UV rays.
Full flavour
The replaceable activated charcoal filter cleans the air in the cooler. Since wine always breathes through the cork, the filter will ensure it retains its flavour too.