9.47 p.m.


Wind down.
After the office. After the gym.
The little one’s football kit? The outfit I wore to yoga class?
Might as well throw them straight in the washing machine.
So we get off to a clean start  on a fresh new day.


The night shift workers: AdoraWash & AdoraDry

1. AdoraWash
The Adora works tirelessly, even when others are asleep. Need the washing to be ready by 7 o’clock in the morning? No problem, the intelligent OptiTime delayed start function uses the available time for very energy-saving washing, without letting the fabrics lie too long in water.

2. DualDry
Prefer to hang special clothes up on  a washing line? Entrust your delicate fabrics to DualDry. Simply switch over from tumble drying to ambient air drying and the washing hanging on the line  will also get dry in next to no time


AdoraWash: Smart and economical

Clean up your act. The Adora runs  very quietly. So it will not disturb anyone at bedtime.

Care for all fabrics

The Adora can handle anything. With its many different functions such as steam anti-crease, FirstWash, anti-mite or WetClean, it noticeably lightens the burden of daily chores.

OptiDos. Automatically doses detergent
Not too much and not too little,  just the right amount so that the laundry gets clean without leaving any detergent residues behind.

Extremely quiet and low-vibration thanks to VAS
The innovative Vibration Absorbing System (VAS) stabilizes the drum, while the appliance washes and spins in a gentle, low-vibration mode that’s kind to clothes. An exclusive feature that makes an Adora even more durable.

Eco-friendly washing
Thanks to the heat pump technology employed, the AdoraWash V6000 model even exceeds the highest energy efficiency rating A+++.


AdoraDry: Outstanding energy efficiency ratings

Good for your laundry and kind to the environment: thanks to heat pump technology, heat from the process is reused for gentle drying.

World-first DualDry – two operating modes all in one
With the CombiAdoraDry V4000 DualDry, you can choose to dry your laundry in the drum or help it dry faster in the room. For ambient air drying, you first open the two flaps on the appliance and select the programme on the display. The dryer removes moisture from the ambient air then feeds it back into the room. 

Automatic humidity control
DualDry measures the ambient humidity and regulates it automatically. You can then hang up damp washing whenever you like. Another advantage: if the dryer is in the bathroom, mirrors will not get steamed up. 

More than drying: fabric care
Our dryers care for various types of textiles such as silk, baby garments, denim, bed linen, towelling, wool, down etc. with functions such as Sprint, eco, ultra care or anti-crease. Whether it’s low temperature for wool or a short programme with gentle heat to minimize creasing on shirts, Adora dryers can do everything that’s needed.



RefreshButler takes care of your favourite clothes

Freshens up everything from silk  dresses with lingering food smells  to stinky trainers.

Innovative technology

The textile care system uses steam and heat, but no chemicals whatsoever.
Refresh – neutralizes odours
Sportswear, dresses smelling of food or suits tainted with cigarette smoke are refreshed. Creases and wrinkles are also reduced.
Hygiene – kills off germs
Looks after clothes, completely eliminates 99.9 % of germs and bacteria without any chemicals.


Gently dries rain-damp shoes, silk blouses and many other fabrics. 



“For innovations we’re willing to take risks occasionally”

Want to dry your laundry in  the machine or with ambient  air drying? Both are possible with DualDry.

A tumble dryer has one simple task: to dry clothes. “It takes a lot to get laundry dry,” says Matthias Etterlin, “because the processes and operations involved are anything but simple”. And this development engineer should know – for the past four years he has been responsible for dryer base assemblies and loves nothing more than working on new developments. 

Efficient heat pump technology, two functions
These include a world-first – the CombiAdoraDry V4000 DualDry. The DualDry offers two operating modes in a single appliance: conventional tumble drying in the drum or ambient air drying. “Bringing an innovation to market means running a few risks. This is necessary, and I enjoy it,” says the 30-year old  engineer. When developing new appliances, Matthias Etterlin attaches importance to speed, quality and energy efficiency. The efficient heat pump extracts the heat from the process cycle and re-uses it. 

Space-saving and dehumidifying
This what the DualDry is all about. In ambient air drying mode, it draws in humid air from the room through the lower flap, extracts the moisture from  it inside the appliance then feeds dry air back into the room via the upper flap. Ingeniously simple. “The DualDry not only saves space, it also allows people to use it in different ways. I would certainly buy this appliance myself,” states Matthias Etterlin.

Matthias Etterlin

Ready, steady, go. This ambitious engineer is not one to avoid risks, either as an enthusiastic gymnast or as the developer of the trailblazing DualDry machine.