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Article no. 6301300003
EAN code 7630029427064
Predecessor’s article number 6300300003
Controls push buttons
Standard width 90.0 cm
Extracted air   Yes
Front design ChromeClass
Installation method Island hood

Display and operation

Controls push buttons
Fan power level display Yes
Lighting LED
Number of lights 4
Grease filter cleaning indicator   Yes

Range hood features

Extracted air noise level, max. setting 66 dB(A)
Power levels 3 + i
Remote control Optional, available as accessory
Dimming lights   Yes
Fleece grease filter 3.0
Non-return flap, integrated/attached included

Service and interfaces

Warranty 2 years

Also available with/as (*)

recirculation air Yes
Recirculation air filter Standard activated charcoal filter, Long-life activated charcoal filter

(*) Not all combinations are available. Ask your retailer for advice.

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Technical data


Device height exhaust air 640 mm
Device height exhaust air maximum 880 mm
Device height recirculation air 690 mm
Device height recirculation air maximum 880 mm
Front height 60 mm
Appliance width 898 mm
Appliance depth 599 mm
Max. appliance depth 599 mm
Empty weight 36.5 kg


Energy efficiency rating A+
Annual energy consumption 43.3 kWh
Lighting efficiency rating A
Fluid dynamic efficiency 35
Fluid dynamic efficiency rating A
Type of connection (1) 220-240V~
Nominal lighting output (quantity x W) 4 x 1 W W
Frequency (1) 50Hz
Connected loads (1) 0.27 kW
Fuse protection (1) 10 A
Plug type CH Typ 12
Connection cable 1.2 m

Additional data

Recirculation air noise output, max. setting 75 dB(A)
Light colour in kelvin   3000 K
Exhaust air connection (diameter) 150 mm
Lighting efficiency 68
Illumination on cooking surface 300 lux
Grease absorption capacity rating C
Extracted air output, intensive setting 700 m³/h
Extracted air output, max. setting 580 m³/h
Extracted air output, min. setting 300 m³/h
Recirculation air output, intensive setting 440 m³/h
Recirculation air output, max. setting 420 m³/h
Recirculation air output, min. setting 260 m³/h
Extracted air noise output, intensive setting 69 dB(A)
Extracted air noise level, max. setting 66 dB(A)
Extracted air noise output, min. setting 52 dB(A)
Recirculation air noise output, intensive setting 76 dB(A)
Connection for fresh air/exhaust air flap Yes
Motor(s) 1.0
Motor output 270 W W

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