Strawberry jam

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500 g strawberries
250 g preserving sugar
Cut the stalks out of the strawberries, then cut them into halves, quarters or slices, depending on their size, put them in the porcelain dish and sprinkle with the preserving sugar.
Start the recipe. Appliance preheats. Put the porcelain dish into the preheated cooking space at level 2 (step 3).
Put the strawberry mixture in a bowl and whisk vigorously. Put the mixture into preserving jars. Seal the jars.
To sterilise the preserving jars, put them on to the perforated cooking tray at level 1 of the warm cooking space (step 6).
(Pre-)heat cooking space to 100°C with Steaming
Put the food in
Steaming 100°C for 38 Mins
Put the food in
Steaming 100°C for 45 Mins


Use more preserving sugar to achieve a firmer consistency.

  • Porcelain dish ½ GN
  • Perforated cooking tray
  • Preserving jars
Quantity Ingredient
250 g preserving sugar
500 g strawberries

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