Identification plate: Washing machine


Open the filter flap. The identification plate is located at the side of this opening.


Open the appliance door. The identification plate is located at the top on the appliance door.

Adorina T

Open the filter flap. The identification plate is located on the inside of the filter flap.


Open the flap on the foreign body trap downwards. The identification plate is located above the emergency door release tool.


All ZUG appliances come complete with an identification plate. The information this contains serves to uniquely identify the appliance version. The information relates to the electrical connections and existing inspections.

The identification plate can therefore be very useful for any questions that arise. The serial number at least should normally be noted in the operating instructions to ensure that you always have the number to hand even years after the purchase.

The serial number consists of three parts:

  • SN (Before FN) as an identifier
  • a 3-5-digit model number (e.g. 864)
  • a sequential appliance number (e.g. 000621)

All information about the appliance, such as delivery, installation, start date (guarantee card), demonstration, service agreement or troubleshooting, is recorded constantly and can be obtained at any time using the serial number. For this reason, we always require the serial number to provide information or deal with faults on your appliance.