The exclusive power functions

V-ZUG has been using gentle preparation with steam for many years. Now the Combi-Steam MSLQ featuring the innovative PowerSteaming operating mode makes it possible to prepare vegetables around 30% faster, for instance, just as gently as ever.

Heating with steam and hot air is the ideal combination for reheating precooked dishes like fresh. With the new PowerRegeneration operating mode, this is now just as gentle as ever, just even faster.

PowerPlus enables any operating mode to be combined with microwave to form a Power operating mode. All you have to do is selected a suitable PowerPlus level, and the fast, gentle, controlled cooking fun can start. Depending on the setting used, the cooking time under PowerPlus can be reduced by around 30 to 75% compared with conventional cooking.

Cooking time
Cooking time
Time gained
Fast cake40 mins10 mins75 %
Turbo lasagne40 mins25 mins37 %


Spaghetti from the combi-steam cooker

Each one of the QueenSteam recipes brings something new and impressive to the table: For «Spaghetti alle verdure», the pasta no longer has to be cooked in salted water until al dente and the sauce prepared in a separate pan – this now all happens at the same time in the Combi-Steam MSLQ. Simply mix all of the raw ingredients for the sauce and place them in a pot together with the uncooked spaghetti. Then cook everything for 27 minutes with PowerPlus. The menu is ideal for families with children, for example: You can happily prepare everything ahead of time in the morning and use the delayed start function to ensure that the spaghetti is ready to serve at twelve on the dot. The soup in bread pouches is just as refined a meal. First, the soup is prepared and frozen in portions. On the big day, prepare the dough and wrap up the portions of frozen soup inside each pouch. The amazing bread pouches containing the piping hot soup will be ready to eat after just 12 minutes of cooking with PowerPlus. The QueenSteam recipes can of course be adapted to suit your needs and tastes. However, for best results, they should always be cooked in the Combi-Steam MSLQ. 

Cooking at the touch of a button
The Combi-Steam MSLQ is delivered with the cooking processes for the QueenSteam recipes already programmed so that they can be called up at the touch of a button. All Combi-Steam MSLQ appliances launched in 2015 are equipped with V-ZUG Home, making them compatible for home networking. From May 2016, it will be really easy to update your appliance with the V-ZUG app, so that you always have the latest software installed on your appliance, along with up-to-date programs and functions. It doesn't get any easier than that! 


Weihenstephan-Triesdorf University of Applied Sciences confirms:
"The Combi-Steam MSLQ enables fast, gentle cooking with PowerSteaming and rapid reheating with PowerRegeneration. This results in the cooking time for selected vegetables with PowerSteaming to reduce by around 25 to 30% compared with cooking with steam. This makes it possible to retain around 30% more minerals and vitamin C than with conventional cooking."