OptiDos – liquid detergent dispensed wisely

The AdoraWash V4000 model is available on request with automatic liquid detergent dispensing system, OptiDos.


  • Extremely simple commissioning 
  • Get to programme start in just 3 clicks
  • The right amount of detergent is dispensed for each wash cycle, eliminating the risk of dispensing too much or too little
  • 2 tanks for liquid detergent/fabric softener
  • Each tank has a 1.2 l capacity, which is enough for up to 50 wash cycles without needing to refill (depends on the basic setting for the dispensing amount, the level of soiling and the water hardness)
  • Clean and simple to fill
  • 8 types of detergent and fabric softener to choose from for each tank
  • Conventional detergent dispenser drawer can be used at any time without OptiDos or as a supplement to a tank (can be filled with fabric softener, for example)
  • Exclusive guided cleaning programme for light soiling in the tank
  • OptiDos container is extremely easy to dismantle and clean