The Combi-Steamers from V-ZUG make cooking easier for you. The variety of intelligent programmes enables the quick and easy preparation of various dishes and menus and inspires new culinary ideas.

Steaming – for gentle cooking

Do you want to serve healthy meals for your family without spending hours in the kitchen? The steaming operating mode helps you cook vegetables gently as it preserves their vitamins and minerals. The cooking process is easy and does not require constant supervision. Nothing can overcook, and nothing burns.

Vacuisine – how professional chefs cook

Take your cooking hobby to professional levels – with Vacuisine, it doesn't have to be rocket science. Vacuisine or sous vide is slow cooking at low temperatures (under 100 °C) in vacuum-sealed bags. Our steam cookers, Combi-Steamers and Combair-Steamers, combined with the vacuum drawer, allow you to cook without complications and stress-free. To give you more time with your guests, you can insert the meat into the steam cooker hours in advance and serve it evenly cooked at exactly the right time.

Regeneration – reheating without losing quality

Want healthy lunches but don't have any time to cook? The regeneration programme warms previously cooked meals and ready meals. This means that a meal can be put on the table quickly every day – just as if it had been freshly prepared. The combination of steam and hot air prevents any loss of quality or moisture. You can choose between the regeneration and RegenerateOmatic functions. It is even possible to warm up several meals at the same time on different shelves and without a cover. RegenerateOmatic goes one step further, providing fully automatic reheating and delivering meals as scrumptious as if they had been freshly prepared. The appliance automatically sets the correct time and cooking environment.

Patented Soft-roasting

Tenderest meat, exactly when you want it: The sophisticated Soft-roasting innovation in the Combi-Steam automatically controls and dynamically adjusts the core temperature. This means that the meat is ready to serve at exactly the time programmed, irrespective of size, consistency or weight.

Professional baking – crispy, but not dried out

Bread, rolls and plaited loaves can be achieved at the push of a button using the professional baking application, delivering bakery-level quality. The application provides support right from the process of the dough rising and creates the perfect environment for making the dough ready to bake in the shortest possible time. The combination of hot air and steam keeps the food from drying out while baking and achieves a golden-brown surface. It allows puff pastry dishes to achieve a highly aerated finish.

Hot air humid – for succulent stews

With the hot air humid application, the moisture of ragouts, stews and ratatouilles remains in the cooking area, preventing the food from drying out.

BakeOmatic – no manual configuration necessary

Do you want to avoid dealing with cooking methods and times? BakeOmatic is ideal for anyone without much practice in the kitchen. In this programme, the appliance sets the appropriate operating mode and cooking environment by itself, along with the precise temperature and duration necessary. This is made possible by sensors that automatically assess the amount and size of the menu. So you're left with hardly anything to worry about.