The new drawers can be combined to perfection with V-ZUG ovens, steamers and coffee centres. This gives you even more flexibility and benefit from your kitchen. The high quality drawers are equipped with a very easy-to-clean interior made of stainless steel and feature a telescopic drawer that can take loads of up to 25kg.

Flexible to use

The large temperature range of approx. 30 to 80°C  (glass surface temperature) makes this supplementary appliance ideal for various applications:

  • High quality warming of dishes thanks to individual temperature regulation
  • Defrosting of frozen food for further use
  • Low-temperature cooking for many high quality cuts of meat
  • Fast, even preheating of crockery thanks to the perfect interaction of the glass heating plate with the radial flow fan, which ensures that the heat is distributed well throughout the drawer. This means that the complete pile of crockery is heated evenly.

Wher's there still space? In the system drawers

The non-heatable system drawers are ideally suited for combining with any small V-ZUG appliances, like the Supremo SL/XSL coffee centre, the Combi-Steam SL/XSL, the Combair XSL/XSE, the Steam S or the Hotair SL mini oven.