Success guarantee/automatic reheating/precision

Electronic Steam System (ESS) with external boiler

Water is taken from the fresh water tank to the external boiler where it is turned into steam as required. The water is pumped back into the tank after cooking, which means that no standing water can accumulate in the cooking space or the water feed pipes.

Further key benefits:

  • Fast, precise climate change for outstanding results
  • Finely controlled and efficient steam build-up
  • Water and energy consumption as required
  • Pure, limescale-free steam in the cooking space
  • No deposits of limescale in the cooking space
  • No annoying, fatty residual water in the cooking space
  • Seam-free surface in the cooking space


The fully automatic V-ZUG cooking sensor saves you time and effort when cooking

The V-ZUG cooking sensors represent the very latest in cutting-edge cooking technology. They facilitate various automatic functions that save you a lot of work across the whole range of activities involved in cooking and offer you an unprecedented level of support. Take the world-exclusive GourmetSteam: all it takes for a successful master menu is the press of a button. Or the BakeOmatic: your dishes are prepared automatically without you having to enter the cooking time, temperature, operating mode or quantity first. And the patented soft-roasting function cooks wonderfully tender meat, making it ready to serve exactly when you want it.