Conserve like the pros: the new vacuum drawer from V-ZUG

If you are an ambitious amateur cook, the new V-ZUG vacuum drawer is all you need to complete your kitchen. You can use the drawer to shrink-wrap food and liquids in an air-tight bag, meaning that the appliance fulfils two functions at the same time. Firstly, vacuum-sealing foods is an ideal way of storing them as, compared to other methods of conservation, vacuum-packed foods keep better and longer, regardless of whether they are raw or have already been cooked. What's more, vacuum-sealed foods can be cooked sous vide in the combi-steam cooker. When ingredients are vacuum-sealed, the food is protected by a tight film. As a result, the natural flavour, the appetising colour and the texture of the food, as well as the valuable ingredients, are better maintained. With this gentle cooking method – known as Vacuisine© at V-ZUG – you will get a taste sensation which is beyond compare and which is not possible with any other cooking method.