Salmon swirls

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1 roll of puff pastry
100 g cream cheese, e.g. Philadelphia
½ lemon, unwaxed, zest
1 pinch of chilli powder
200 g salmon, smoked, sliced
1 bunch of dill
Mix the cream cheese, lemon zest and chilli powder together. Remove the dill fronds from their stems.
Spread the cream cheese mixture over the sheet of puff pastry, leaving a 2 cm border free down the length of the dough. Lay the sliced salmon on top and sprinkle over the dill. Brush the uncovered edge of the dough with a little water, roll up the dough from the other long side and press down the edge of the dough to seal it. Cut the roll into 2 cm thick slices.
Place the salmon swirls on a lined baking tray and put it into the cold cooking space. Bake.
Professional baking puff pastry 200°C for 25 Mins

Baking tray

Quantity Ingredient
100 g cream cheese
½ lemon
1 roll of puff pastry
200 g salmon
1 bunch of dill
1 pinch of chilli powder

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