Tarte Tatin

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50 g sugar
将发酵桶预加热 Pizza Plus 到 230°C
Spread the sugar over the baking tray. Put the tray on the wire shelf in the preheated cooking space. Bake.
在 Pizza Plus 期间为 230 5 分钟°C
30 g butter
4 apples, sour
250 g puff pastry, round, ø 32 cm
Take the baking tray out of the cooking space and spread the butter over the hot caramel.
Peel, core and cut the apples into similar-sized wedges. Spread the wedges of apple evenly over the butter-caramel mixture.
Lay the puff pastry over the apple and prick lightly several times with a fork. Put the tart into the cooking space while still warm. Bake.
在 酥皮专业烘烤技术 期间为 210 20 分钟°C
Take the tart out of the cooking space and carefully turn out upside down

ø29 cm round TopClean baking tray

数量 食材
4 apples
250 g puff pastry
50 g sugar
30 g butter