Swiss Made

Dishwasher from V-ZUG: Developed and produced in Switzerland.

We have been developing and producing dishwashers in Switzerland since 1959. What started off as just one model with a handful of programmes and considerable water consumption per wash cycle, has become a sophisticated, ingenious dishwashing system that not only spares you the tedious job of washing up by hand, but also performs extremely well in terms of energy and water consumption. The development of new-generation appliances will bring increasingly advanced programmes for the most diverse types of tableware. Last but not least, our dishwashers are among the quietest on the market and dovetail ideally with the trend towards open-plan kitchens and living areas. 

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The quietest on the market

Sophisticated technology makes V-ZUG dishwashers extremely quiet. To reduce noise emissions even further, technicians have one more trick up their sleeves. With a smile, product manager Silvio Lehni explains: “Instead of putting our dishwashers in nice boxes to conceal the cables, hoses and insulation pads, we ship them without an outer shell. Before installation, it looks rather unstable and makeshift, but it’s the end result that counts. When the appliances are fitted into kitchen counters and the front panels are attached, our appliances are at least as stable as all of the others. The missing shell means that there is no ‘echo chamber’ effect, thus reducing noise emissions by an extra few decibels.”

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