Tanja Grandits – cooking with a delicious cocktail of flavours!


Tanja Grandits – cooking with a delicious cocktail of flavours!

It tastes wonderful to be happily full, as it sets off a contented feeling inside and the taste buds enjoy the experience down to the very last morsel. A meal prepared by Tanja Grandits manages to produce this pleasant sense of well-being. Her cooking is fresh, fanciful, conjuring up a joyous blaze of colour on the plate. Reflecting the season, the menu is based on a colour that is then repeated in various shades over every course. The top chef gives a virtuoso performance featuring aroma essences from various vegetable and fruit juices together with herbs that accentuate a main flavour, thus providing a lively antithesis. She herself admits to creating harmony by exploiting contrasts. Like earthy – tangy, spicy – mild, sweet – sour, cold – warm, surprisingly combined with various consistencies to set pleasant counterpoints.

This audacious interplay is what makes Tanja Grandits’ cooking so distinctive and special. She has found her own style, which she applies with plenty of passion, joy and love to the benefit of the guest. She says, “The most important ingredients when cooking are devotion to whatever you’re doing at that moment and love.”

It’s often the simple things that brighten up everyday life. A comforting taste from our trouble-free childhood or the fabulous smell of freshly baked cookies. Top chef Tanja Grandits is a fan of this power of simple things, of the moments of pleasure that can be wrapped up in a single flavour.

The new online portal www.vzug.ch/lifestyle
Lifestyle by ZUG is celebrating its first birthday. We launched the interactive platform together with Andreas Caminada exactly one year ago,. In the meantime, we’ve been able to sign up the grand master of the Swiss culinary arts, Philippe Rochat from Crissier, and food journalist and sensory researcher Patrick Zbinden as well. The online world for gourmets has gained a fan community that we keep up to date with a fortnightly newsletter. We tell you about the latest recipes, tips and tricks, and about films which feature the top chefs cooking together with international stars like Cecilia Bartoli.

Tanja Grandits and V-ZUG – a creative duo
We’re particularly pleased to have the opportunity to celebrate our first anniversary with Tanja Grandits. We confess to feeling more than a little pride when we heard how the Combi-Steam from ZUG inspires her and her whole kitchen team with new ideas. Apparently it was quite a happening for a whole week when the Combi-Steam was first installed. Everyone wanted to use it and try out new features. The wide range of programmes and simple operation were greeted with great enthusiasm. With a sparkle in her eyes, she smiles: “I’ve become a baker now as well. The professional baking programme is really great, turning out a brilliant crust! Or confitting fish coated with oil at 80 degrees and drying out vegetable chips in the Combi-Steam make these jobs easier for me.”

She is impressed by the versatility of this compact little helper and looks forward with her team to creating new recipes that are made-to-measure for the appliance. Our users have a real delight in store!

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