Health management

Work has a significant impact on well-being and performance. V-ZUG Ltd has therefore committed itself to forming a safe, healthy and sociable working environment.

«Our employees' well-being is a top priority, as a healthy mind and body are essential for working to our full potential – both now and going forward.» Dirk Hoffmann, CEO V-ZUG Ltd

The requirements of the different professional groups within V-ZUG Ltd vary. All of them are key to our success. To ensure we hit our essential peak performance targets on a daily basis, V-ZUG Ltd needs its employees to be both physically and psychologically fit. Only people who are fit and raring to go are able to cope with today's working environments on a longer-term basis. Thanks to «vitality», the operational health management system in place at V-ZUG Ltd, the issues of heath and occupational safety are raised regularly and as a result, we are pursuing the following objectives: 

Reinforcing well-being 
Thanks to the company infrastructure and range of perks on offer, employees can take responsibility for their own health.

Reducing health problems
Health problems are a fact of life. Injured or sick employees are well looked after at V-ZUG Ltd. They can get support from the HR department or external specialists if they need it.

Reducing risk factors
The risks of work-related accidents and health problems are determined systematically in the sense that we learn from incidents so that we can detect and reduce potential risks going forward. 

Reinforcing protection factors 
People who are happy and motivated in their work are creative, innovative and, above all, productive. V-ZUG Ltd promotes an atmosphere of mutual appreciation supported by strong leadership. Working conditions are in a state of constant development based on factors relevant to health.