V-ZUG is committed to the environment

Sustainability at home

How does the saying go again? "Yesterday, today was still tomorrow." Or put differently: everything we do plays an active role in shaping the future. By handling limited resources with care, we will leave a livable world for future generations – an awareness that underpins the principle of sustainability. A gratifying number of companies practice this approach. But only a few can already report such impressive results today as V-ZUG AG, founded in 1913, a specialist in premium kitchen and laundry room appliances with production facilities in Zug.

Sustainability begins with the product. Practically all the appliances from this Swiss quality brand satisfy or exceed European energy class A criteria. Some V-ZUG products are even so far ahead of current standards that they bear the special "TopEco" label. The list of innovations goes on: including washing machines and dishwashers that are the first in the world to use revolutionary heat pump technology. Or appliances that use zero energy in standby mode.

Lateral thinkers welcome
The V-ZUG logistics centre also harnesses natural power: it has the largest private photovoltaic system in the canton of Zug, making it completely self-sufficient in terms of energy – and with clean energy too. Appliances are transported by rail rather than road whenever it makes sense.
It takes employees with a long-term commitment to come up with ideas like this and put them into action. That's why V-ZUG, as one of the canton's biggest employers, also places value on sustainability in human resources. Talents are developed and promoted, alternative ways of thinking and critical questioning are sought after. The result: more than 200 of the total workforce of 1400 have been with the company for 25 years or more. And with over 60 apprentices in training, there are sufficient lateral thinkers within the company ready to make an impact in future.