Adora heat pump dryers from V-ZUG: Efficient, fast and gentle

The new Adora heat pump dryers developed and produced by V-ZUG in Switzerland dry clothes amid the lowest consumption figures, ensuring top performance in even the smallest rooms.

Ecologically efficient drying
The new generation of Adora heat pump dryers beats energy class A by up to +++. These great figures can be achieved by exploiting strong process knowledge, pioneering technologies, high quality materials and intelligent design.

Ideal in small rooms
The closed process circuit and very low moisture release are the key factors allowing these appliances to be used in buildings constructed to the very latest standards. The Adora heat pump dryer releases so little heat and moisture that it can be placed in even the smallest, enclosed rooms.

Gentle drying
The washing is moved gently in the large 7kg Special Care Drum and hence dried more evenly. The fabrics are less creased, making them easier to iron.

Easy to clean and maintain
The large, smooth filter surfaces optimally retain dust and fluff, so that the washing always remains soft and fluffy. The outstanding effectiveness has also been demonstrated and confirmed by the respected Swiss Textile Testing Institute (TESTEX) following extensive tests.

Design and combinations to boast about
Adora heat pump dryers are easy to combine so that they meet a wide range of individual needs, be it in terms of desired features, space available or location.

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