Appliance sizes

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Standard size:  The standard height of the 60 line (appliance width 60 cm) is 60 cm. The standard height of the 55 line (appliance width 55 cm) is 76 cm. The standard size is available in the following categories: Combair-steam cookers and ovens.

Compact category (60 line only): The popular compact category covers all appliances with a height of 45 cm. The models are available in the following categories: Combi-steam cookers and steam cookers, ovens, microwaves and the Coffee-Center.

Combine to your heart's desire

Regardless of whether you are planning a brand new kitchen or just want to replace one appliance, there are so many ways to combine V-ZUG appliances to suit your exact requirements. A popular trio is, for instance, a standard size oven, a compact or small combi-steam cooker, and a warming drawer. If you want to replace your old standard-size oven, there are a number of options for using the new extra space, like a space-saving compact or small appliance and a warming drawer to go with it. This will give your kitchen a fresh new look without any extensive renovation work.