Sous vide cooking like the pros: Vacuisine© from V-ZUG is now even more sophisticated

Tasty vegetables, perfectly tender meat and succulent fish: sous vide – known as Vacuisine at V-ZUG – is a culinary adventure of the highest calibre. Now V-ZUG has refined the cooking method even further, and meat lovers in particular are in for a real treat.

Sous-vide – French for «under vacuum» – is a method which involves cooking food slowly at low temperatures in vacuum-sealed bags. Chefs at the world's best restaurants swear by it: this method of preparation creates unique taste experiences and is also extremely healthy thanks to the gentle cooking temperatures and protective vacuum bags. In the past, sous vide cooking was primarily used in the catering industry and was a fairly complex process, but with Vacuisine from V-ZUG the sous vide method can now be used at home to create dishes worthy of a Michelin star.

A combi-steam cooker from V-ZUG is the recipe for success

Cooking under a vacuum requires constant, precise temperature control. What you need, therefore, is a kitchen appliance that allows you to set the steam temperature precisely and maintain it throughout the entire cooking process – like the modern combi-steam cooker from V-ZUG. The correct cooking space temperature and cooking time for the different types of food can be found in the Vacuisine cooking charts, and are then set in the Vacuisine application of the combi-steam cooker. The Vacuisine application is already integrated in the latest generation of the MSLQ, XSL, HSL Combi-Steams and the Combair-Steam SL. A software update is available for older appliances (those manufactured after 2015).

Delight your guests with meat cooked to perfection

The new and improved Vacuisine method is an even more tempting proposition for meat lovers as it now allows you to monitor the food probe temperature for extra precision and reliability when cooking meat. Thanks to the special sealing pads, the food probe that comes with the combi-steam cooker can also be used during Vacuisine cooking. The pads make it possible to insert the probe into the meat without losing the vacuum so the food probe temperature can be monitored at all times. The combi-steam cooker slowly brings the meat up to the food probe temperature, leaving the host free to look after the guests. Thin pieces of meat will reach the required temperature quickly, while thicker cuts will take more time. The food probe visualises the actual temperature and will tell you exactly when the meat is perfectly cooked. As soon as the meat has reached the desired food probe temperature, it is ready to serve. But what if the conversation with your guests is just getting interesting? No problem: just leave the meat to cook for a bit longer. The appliance will carry on running and will keep the cooking space temperature stable. Voilà – Michelin star cooking with minimal effort.

Hygienic and long-lasting – using the vacuum in everyday life

V-ZUG offers the ideal appliance for vacuum-packing too: the vacuum drawer that goes with the combi-steam cooker seals food in airtight packs – either for sous vide cooking in the combi-steam cooker or for storing in the fridge or freezer compartment. Vacuum-packed food – whether raw or pre-cooked – can be kept up to five times longer and is also more hygienic because the vacuum means that it cannot oxidise. It therefore retains its freshness, taste and vitamin content for longer. Users can, for example, blanch vegetables from their own garden or turn them into a soup, vacuum-pack the food in sensible portions and then store it in the fridge or freezer compartment for up to five times longer without any loss of quality. And when the vegetables are heated up or cooked later on, they will taste as if they have just been picked. In the same way, you can buy meat in larger quantities, divide it into practical portions and then store it in airtight packs in the freezer compartment. To ensure hygienic and long-lasting storage, it is important to only use fresh food and to chill it properly, and to keep everything clean when cooking. The vacuum can be used in many everyday situations and will ensure that you get the best out of the food throughout its entire life cycle – from hygienic storage to gentle preparation and, finally, enjoying the meal itself. Vacuisine is the perfect match for an energetic lifestyle with balanced, healthy meals and will open up a whole new world of cooking and enjoyment.