V-ZUG WetClean

The finest showering action comes from V-ZUG

Our use of water is not only sparing, it is also intelligent. We've developed a totally new technique to enable the gentle power of water to be used for particularly gentle cleaning. The new Adora SLQ is equipped with a separate internal circulation circuit. A special nozzle finely showers the fabrics water from above, thus washing them through gently. This produces a very gentle, tender cleaning process - what you might call a "wellness programme" for your fabrics.

The gentle power of water for your most delicate clothes

A new washing age is dawning, and all the more so for your favourite delicates. That little black number, the long ball gown or the frilly blouse – you can happily put your delicates that can only be washed with water into the washing machine. Provided, of course, it's an Adora SLQ.

You gently rock the things you love most

Your favourite clothes should be treated as tenderly as a mother treats her children. The gentle rocking between the specially designed special care vanes and the new microstructure of the V-ZUG Special Care Drum with its approximately 14,000 perforations give additional support to the gentle power of water. This means that the fabrics are washed evenly and very gently. The items are occasionally turned gently to ensure even, gentle cleaning.