V-ZUG opens exciting new demonstration kitchen with BKoncepts at Upstairs Downstairs cookery centre in Oswestry

Oswestry cookery retailer Upstairs Downstairs has installed a fully operational Nolte kitchen featuring V-ZUG appliances, in its Oswestry showroom, working in partnership with V-ZUG partner BKoncepts.

Upstairs Downstairs' owners, Yossi and Raine Gliksman, organise cookery workshop events at their store and will employ the new Nolte kitchen for these events.

“BKoncepts has been very instrumental in the creation of the workshop and the installation of the Nolte kitchen has given the workshop its character,” Yossi Gliksman commented.

The kitchen, which features doors from Nolte's Nova Brilliant and Spot ranges and V-Zug appliances, was installed in time for the annual Owestry Food and Drink Festival, and it was used for cooking demonstrations from QVC chef Malcolm Harradine, pictured. Yossi Gliksman continued:

“As part of our commitment to BKoncepts we have already dressed its Harrogate showroom with items from our product range and we are due to do the same at the Wrexham showroom. We believe that our products will enhance the kitchens on display and, in time, generate sales for both businesses.” –

Managing Director, Bob Ruler, said, “We are very excited about our new venture as we see our product to be very much suited to the area. Nolte is one of Germany’s leading furniture brands. We have been business partners for over 10 years now and the brand is known in the industry as German quality at its best.”

For more information on BKoncepts contact Bob Ruler on 01978 661992


For more information on V-ZUG contact Kevin John on [email protected] or call 0843 289 5759.