Rational select V-ZUG as a key partner for MOW 2013

Rational have selected V-Zug as a key partner for their home exhibition at Riemsloh this year, with as many as 9 of the new kitchen sets having V-ZUG appliances installed.

This huge vote of confidence in the V-ZUG brand by one of the World’s premier kitchen brands is a clear sign that V-ZUG is now firmly established as a natural partner for premier kitchens in Europe.

"Rational is one of the UK’s best known and longest established brands, so at V-ZUG UK we are delighted that our German colleagues have secured this fantastic partnership." commented Kevin John, Sales & Marketing Director,V-ZUG UK.

"We are working closely with Craig Burgess Allen and his Rational UK team to extend this partnership into the UK".



V-ZUG appliances in the stunning Rational Casale display