Steam Cook your Xmas lunch with V-ZUG

Zugorama UK welcomed the members of the V-ZUG UK Gourmet Academy team for 2 days intensive recipe development on the 19 and 20 August, the focus of which has been the ‘Steam Cook your Xmas lunch’ event programme planned for autumn 2013.

V-ZUG display partners across the UK will be hosting a huge programme of events that are dedicated to inspiring consumers to take a different approach to cooking their Xmas lunch using a Combi-Steam oven.

“Xmas lunch is the most important meal of the year for most families, so we have created a full menu and planning guide that will help V-ZUG owners to use the power of the V-ZUG combi-steam system to create a perfect Xmas lunch that is both healthier and less stressful than more traditional cooking methods” comments James Smith, V-ZUG UK product manager and team leader for the Gourmet Academy.

“Using steam and hot air combined, we demonstrate how consumers can cook an 18lb turkey and all the trimmings in around 2 hours and with huge benefits in flavour and moisture.”

Dates and venues for the Steam Cook your Xmas lunch demonstration will be announced on and for more information contact James Smith on [email protected] or call 0843 289 5759.