V-ZUG UK Gourmet Academy launches Introduction to Sous Vide course

V-ZUG UK has announced an exciting new course, The Introduction to Sous Vide and low temperature cooking.

The new course will be delivered by consultant chef, James Graham who has joined the V-ZUG UK Gourmet Academy team, with courses scheduled to take place at both at Zugorama UK and in the soon to open V-ZUG London training centre.

The V-ZUG Combi-Steam XSL now has single degree accuracy on control of steam temperature, giving cooks unrivalled control of the cooking process, and allowing them to cook with Sous Vide and low temperature methods that are only normally possible with a professional water bath.

The one day course from V-ZUG is designed to give consumers a thorough introduction to the principles of low temperature and Sous Vide cooking, with theoretical explanations, practical involvement in cooking, and a master class in the different processes involved.

Designed for consumers who already own a V-ZUG Combi-Steam XSL, this course will inspire V-ZUG owners to take their cooking to a different level and truly realise the benefits of owning a V-ZUG steamer.

More information:
Kevin John, Sales & Marketing Director, V-ZUG UK
0843 289 5759
[email protected]