Vibration Absorbing System (VAS) – exclusive to V-ZUG

Because your washing is never spread evenly around the drum, it can cause noise and vibrations during spin cycles. These vibrations not only generate noise, they also mean that your appliance will wear out quicker.

All Adora and Unimatic washing machines wash particularly quietly and with low vibration thanks to the exclusive V-ZUG Vibration Absorbing System (VAS). The intelligent sensors detect the position and amount of laundry at the start of the spin process. The drum features chambers in the drum ribs that can hold water, and by adding water to the corresponding ribs, the system automatically compensates for any imbalance so that the appliance can run more quietly and last longer.


  • Quiet, low-vibration operation during wash and spin cycles
  • Shorter programme duration
  • Clothes are dryer after the wash cycle
  • Higher spin speed without interruption
  • Less energy required for the drying process
  • Keeps the appliance durable

SIA 181 and V-ZUG washing machines 

The SIA 181 is a building standard developed by the Swiss Society of Engineers and Architects. The aim of the SIA 181 standard is to ensure a predefined level of noise protection in building construction. 

During spin cycles, washing machines produce structure-borne noise emissions which can be transferred from the washing machine to the ground and, in turn, to adjacent rooms. This effect is dependent on the washing load and the building itself.

The entire range of V-ZUG washing machines produces few structure-born noises during spin cycles and meets the requirements of the SIA 181 standard without the need for additional measures to reduce structure-borne noise.

The exclusive V-ZUG VAS plays a key role in ensuring quiet, low-vibration operation.

More information on the SIA 181 standard is available on the SIA website