V-ZUG Novelties 2020/21

Adora dishwashers with OptiLift

Our new dishwasher range with OptiLift is ergonomically optimised for loading and unloading crockery.

Supreme Line

The refrigerators and freezers in the Supreme Line offer pure luxury: ample areas for storing food, high-quality materials and unique workmanship.

WineCooler V6000

With the new WineCooler V6000, you can store up to 83 bottles of wine in your kitchen at the perfect temperature so that they are ready to drink whenever you like.

AiroClearCabinet V4000

The new AiroClearCabinet V4000 integrated range hood combines the performance of a tried-and-tested pull-out range hood with the convenience of an integrated range hood. Thanks to OptiLink, it regulates its performance automatically in response to the cooking process.


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